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The Screen Savers Name Change Official to: Attack of the Show

A horrible name fitting for the on-air daily monstrosity that The Screen Savers has become, and a distant cry from the excellent programming it once was. Attack of the Show sounds like something that came to a G4 executive in his sleep one night, after coming to the understanding that his profit margins were going down and the network was tanking even after the merger; and he decided to name the B-horror flick that played out in his subconcious Attack of the Show, after all the headaches caused by dragging TSS along this far from the merger, when it was so easy to just can and shelve everything else and randomly fire people.

Fitting, isn’t it? Regardless, I am glad that the name The Screen Savers is being retired, even though it’s been tossed around, dragged through the mud, and torn up by the past several months, and perhaps now we can all move forward with the understanding that Attack of the Show is most definitely not TSS and never will be, and can be viewed as a whole new show with a different format, target audience, plan, and features, and be judged independantly on that. If you still hate it, hate it-if you love it, watch it, but hopefully now the comparisons between G4 and TechTV can finally stop-since the only remaining ideas that came over intact are Anime Unleashed and X-Play.

I hated the merger as much as well-everyone else did (from fans to television commentators to technology journalists to comics and pretty much everyone but G4 and Comcast execs, who must be pulling their hair out wondering why it didn’t get the oh-so-warm reception they expected…) but at least now we can give the show a chance independant of it’s legacy. Finally those of us who have decided to take up the banner of what was TechTV can do so, unhindered by the idiocy of G4 and Comcast’s management.

Already a feedback thread has been started on the G4 forums about the change, read all about it:
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