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The Province Interviews Andy Walker!

The Province, part of the network, recently interviewed Andy Walker about the eventual expansion of hacking attacks and malicious code from the desktop PC to PDAs, cellphones, and even other handheld devices like portable music players like Apple’s iPod. Andy explains that something of a “perfect storm” is brewing in the IT security world, where malicious hackers are learning more and more to target a wider swath of technology devices, from the up-to-recently considered mostly safe Apple Macintosh computer to, eventually, cellphones, PDAs, and Blackberrys that also carry information and data that could be very valuable to attackers.

He points out that the future might not even be so malicious; that downloading content to your portable music or video player might give way to you recieving spam or adware, and that specifically Apple should be more careful when it comes to security, focusing mostly on the ubiquitousness of the iPod as a portable digital device that could be targeted.

What do you think? Is Andy on point about future security risks or is he way off base and barking up the wrong tree? Let us know in the comments!

[ The Province :: Hackers Aiming at All Computer Devices ]

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