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10 Simple Ways to Speed Up Windows XP

If you’re anything like me or most people I get to chat with on a regular basis, you’ve had your times when you think that your Windows XP machine is the slowest thing in the world and you quietly beg the computer gods to send you more RAM, or a faster machine. Well, you’re not alone, and we found a pretty good article with some step-by-steps on how to speed up Windows XP by disabling some services and features that you probably didn’t even know were eating up valuable system resources in the background while you weren’t looking.

The author of the article is using a pretty old image there of Windows 95 or NT, but don’t let that fool you; these tips are specifically for Windows XP, and they’re pretty useful. We blogged about it over at Gears and Widgets [ ] and we’ll link you to both the original, and our post. By the by, if you haven’t been over to Gears and Widgets yet, head on over! We update just about every day with tech news, tips, reviews, and more!

So check out the tips, give em a try, and leave us your feedback! Did they really help?

[ LordOfNet :: 10 Simple Ways to Speed Up Windows XP ]

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