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Ten [ ] is a show created by Microsoft that features ex-G4 personalities Laura Foy and Tina Wood, that you may or may not remember from G4’s “ The Show” or whatever the name really was. I hate to admit it, but I was never really a fan; I thought the television show was kind of redundant, boring, and lacking in any real or entertaining value or content, but my opinions don’t equal your opinions, and it wouldn’t be fair to exclude this daily show from the lineup.

The show comes out every day, so we won’t be tracking it, naturally, and that combined with the fact that the show doesn’t really feature any ex-TechTV personalities puts it a little out of our realm, but you might want to subscribe to it anyway! The about page says:

10 is a place for people who want to use technology to change the world.

Every weekday at 10:00 am (PST) we’ll update this site with a new video that highlights people, their passions and often the technology they are using. At the end of each week we compile these videos into a full length show with some extra surprises for you.

In addition to the show, we’re launching a number of blogs for the enthusiast covering a wide range of topics. Our blogs will be written by Microsoft employees, members of the 10 community or a mixture of both.

Welcome to the beginning of 10, the next step starts with you!

This isn’t Microsoft’s first IPTV venture, see their Channel 9 for more content.
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Whether or not the show will essentially be Tina and Laura picking up their bags and settling down in the next place that wants a pair of blondes to be “hip” “edgy” and “extreme” and do a little dish about technology is totally up to you, but that’s certainly what people thought about their previous show, and half the reason the show got cancelled (the other half being a lack of viewers, of course).

Okay, okay, I should stop-I’m not being fair at all to the show. It’s got several episodes under its belt so far, and they do come out reliably every single day with new and fresh content. Head over and check it out, and make the decision for yourself whether or not it’s worthwhile. If you guys love it, come back here and smack me around, and tell us to track it!

10 // Video Show from Microsoft
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