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Rebuilding TechTV?


Chris Pirillo [ ] posted an interesting idea on his blog, and a call to arms for all TechTV fans and fanatics: “Let’s Rebuild TechTV!”

Pirillo believes that any future incarnation of TechTV would have to be sourced by the fan community that would love and nuture it and insulate it from the kidns of interests that spelled doom for TechTV; and he’s looking for fans and technology enthusiasts to help put together a website or portal where the content developers, people like himself and the TWiT folks(namely Leo) and the folks at DL.TV and Revision3 and CommandN could all get together to publish their content together, upload flash video and such. From his blog:

I’m thinking we could do something a bit more permanent (at least, online). I believe the community can bring the idea of “TechTV” back to life. What we’ll need, of course, is YOUR HELP.

TechTV Forever would be more than happy to contribute resources to the project! And it looks like we’re not the only ones; lots of webmasters and hosts have replied to the post stating their willingness to get involved and get serious about a project like this. Here’s hoping soon we’ll have a new TechTV, in whatever incarnation it might be.

[ Chris Pirillo :: TechTV: Rebuilt By Community? ]

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I know I will be spreading the word and doing what I can to help, I miss techtv…

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