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Amber MacArthur Is Leaving Call for Help/G4TechTV Canada!


Amber! Don’t leave us! Okay, okay-it looks like she has a ton of new projects and good news up her sleeve, so we’ll let her slide this time.

Amber MacArthur has announced on her blog that she’s planning on leaving G4TechTV Canada, and subsequently Call for Help, Torrent, and Gadgets & Gizmos the shows that she worked on at the network. She’s planning to go to CityTV in Toronto, and will be starting there mid-September as their as their Internet/New Media Reporter for CityTV News. Step up? Step down? As large an audience? Amber certainly believes it’s a step up, regardless of anything else, and we wish her all the best and hope that we can continue to see her smiling face in video podcasts and hear her perspective in audio podcasts even after she’s left.

Sounds like she’s got the same idea though; from her blog:

I will keep blogging here at and I will bring you tech news each week at Leo and I have also been chatting about how we’ll keep working together, so this is not the end of us (AKA Leober)!

As for who will take my place on G4TechTV, on both Call for Help and Torrent, the team is working to find someone (or, most likely, two people). The shows we’re shooting this week will air throughout the next month or two, but I wanted to write a not-so-short post/post a video to thank all the fans so much for your many emails of encouragement and I hope you will continue to follow my work at City-TV! Thank you for accepting me into this unique tech-friendly community – now I’ll never leave! 🙂

Amber says that CityTV is aggressive about its technology content and she’ll still be working on technology programming, so we can plan to see her new programs and projects on the net, and still get to hear from her at CommandN and hopefully still at Inside the Net, both of which are excellent programs.

Best of luck, Amber, and congratulations!

Read the rest of her announcement AND watch her goodbye video below:

[ Amber Mac :: To all the G4TechTV fans: Thanks for two great years! My goodbye video ]

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