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Amber MacArthur’s New Show: WebNation!

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Brian McKechnie, the man (sometimes) behind the scenes (and sometimes in front of the camera!) of CommandN and, emailed me to inform me of something I’ve been missing, most importantly, Amber MacArthur’s new show on CityTV, WebNation! The show is available as a video podcast, and runs as a 30 min. bi-weekly television show on Citytv in Toronto, Canada. I knew that Amber had left Call for Help for better and brighter things at CityTV, but now her exploits aren’t just available to the lucky viewers that get to see her in Toronto, you can subscribe to the show via iTunes or download it directly from the CityNews website anywhere in the world!

WebNation is already in its 5th episode, and we’ll start tracking it from here out! You can check out the show at the WebNation site at CityNews and download the most recent episode, and check out past episodes! Looking at the breakdown of show topics, it rings a bit like CommandN, but it’s definitely got some good and different stuff. Head over and subscribe now!

[ CityNews: WebNation | WebNation: Subscribe via iTunes ]

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