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TechTV Forever’s Been Blogged!

TechTV Forever at Blogged

Looks like all of that hard work and perseverance has been paying off for us!

TechTV Forever has quite a name for itself, and while we’ve long moved past mourning the loss of TechTV and have boldly struck into the future of technology video and audio content on the Web, we’ve been happy to keep track of all of yours and our favorite web personalities and the things they’ve been up to.

Most of the people we knew and loved from those old TechTV days are remarkably still working together to bring you technology news, tips, tricks, and other information in a variety of venues, either through their own blogs, forums, podcasts, and IPTV shows. Podcasting wasn’t really on the map until the folks at TWiT started it, and regular video programming on the Web was all but unknown until Revision3 started up and started doing its thing!

TechTV Forever’s been happy to be there every step of the way, and hopefully we’ll stick around for a while longer!

Thanks to the folks at for their review, and we hope that they – and you – will stick around!

TechTV Forever at Blogged

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