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Making Facebook More Private and How to Pick a Cell Phone on Upgrade Your Life!

upgrade your life

Becky Worley has been busy with a couple of new episodes of Upgrade Your Life, over at Yahoo! Tech!

In one episode since we mentioned her last, she explains how to choose a cellular phone, for the people who are interested in a little help picking the right one and the right carrier:

[ Upgrade Your Life // Episode 3 – How to Pick the Best Cell Phone ]

And in the most recent episode, she tackles the topic of Facebook privacy and security – how DO you go about making Facebook as private and secure as possible? Find out on this ep!

[ Upgrade Your Life // Episode 4 – How to Make Facebook More Private and Productive ]

Perhaps most notable, you can now bookmark Upgrade Your Life and come back to it that way – it’s probably the best Yahoo! is able to do since they won’t allow you to subscribe to the show in a podcast catcher and sadly there’s no RSS feed. Even so, book mark to stay on top of new episodes!

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