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Jessica Corbin Appears on This Week’s Episode of Triangulation!

jessica corbin headshot

We don’t hear too much from Jessica Corbin these days, the last we heard from her she was leaving Tekzilla (remember when she used to host PopSiren, Tekzilla, and a little program called InDigital, way back in the day when Revision3 was just starting?) to work on her own startup, Fempire.

Now she’s back on an episode of Triangulation, chatting with Leo about everything that she’s been up to, life after TechTV, and everything in between now and then. If you’ve been curious what happened to this former TechTV star and current doing-it-for-herself star, this week’s Triangulation is a must watch. You can check it out here, and we wish all the best to Jessica in everything she’s doing these days!

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