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Adam Sessler Finds a New Home at Rev3Games!

We’ve been wondering what would happen to Adam Sessler once he left G4, which is now currently still aflame and sinking slowly somewhere in the North Atlantic, and now we know, thanks thanks to Kotaku – he’s headed over to Revision3 Games to be their new Editor-in-Chief and all-around awesome guy!

We couldn’t be happier for Adam, and while we already love the team at Rev3Games for the fantastic video game work they do, we’re even more looking forward to what Adam has up his sleeve for the media channel. His announcement video is above, and we’re happy to see him end up somewhere that actually appreciates his talents after a long long ride at G4, ever since it ate TechTV.

Congrats Adam, and keep up the great work! Looking forward to what you bring to the table!

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