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This Week in Tech [TWiT] // Episode 60

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This week on TWiT, Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, David Prager, Bill Machrone, and John C. Dvorak all gather around the table to discuss tech news and info, including Alaska Republican Ted Steven’s hilariously inaccurate description of the Internet and how it works. Also among the week’s topics are Apple rumors galore, including Engadget’s wrapup of Apple Mac OS 10.5 rumors and screenshots, Microsoft cuts off downloads of Windows Vista Beta 2 but releases Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3, and another sad blow to net neutrality and where the movement goes from here.

This Week in Tech [TWiT] Episode 60 // July 2, 2006
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DiggNation // Episode 52

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Another week, another DiggNation! This week, Alex and Kevin get together for another drunken round of technology news and other interesting stories, including confirmation on a hacked xbox 360, Dell and AMD sign a deal for over a million chips-which means that Dell will likely be selling AMD systems before the end of the year, Google could have bought MySpace, a new Spiderman 3 teaser online, and much much more.

DiggNation Episode 52 // June 29, 2006
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Ctrl+Alt+Chicken // Episode 4


Finally! A brand new control+alt+chicken brightens my life! Alex and Heather are back in the kitchen bringing us geekly kitchen goodness and take on perhaps one of the most difficult recipes ever: Beef Wellington. I’m scared. As usual, no bets on whether or not the recipe goes off without a hitch or even comes out the other end of the cooking process as something edible, much less delicious, but that’s part of the glory that is Control+Alt+Chicken, now isn’t it?

Ctrl+Alt+Chicken Episode 4 // July 3, 2006
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This Week in Media // Episode 11

On this week in Media, the Pixel Corps crew sit down and chat media news. Among the topics this week are ads in Google Video, making money on the net, the resurrection of Brando, food poisoning, and news on the Sony PlayStation 3. Your hosts this week are Alex Lindsay, Scott Broock, Emery Wells, Kenji Kato, Ben Durbin, and John Foster, all around the table for a good long discussion of these topics and more.

This Week in Media Episode 11 // July 1, 2006
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Security Now! // Episode 46

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This week on Security Now! Leo and Steve visit the topic of router logs, and what they are-and more importantly are not-good for. They discuss how those logs can help you keep track of what’s going on on your network, and how they can help you improve your security situation.

Security Now! Episode 46 // June 29, 2006
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