About TechTV Forever

TechTV is a blog created by and for fans of the old television network, TechTV. Grown out of the TechTV Forever YahooGroup [ ], was created partially to keep track of the new programming, podcasts, net video shows, and projects of our favorite TechTV personalities, and to keep alive the spirit of sharing technology information and educating people about technology using every means we can. Additionally, TechTV Forever shares technology tips, tricks, articles, stories, and information as much as we can, and feature a few special tidbits along the way.

TechTV Forever is more than just a name! We all miss TechTV, but it’s time to move on…but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to stick with the people who made TTV an awesome ride! They’re all still out there, working hard to bring us tech news, tips, tricks, information, and entertainment – they’re just in different places. And that’s what TechTV Forever is about: bringing those different places together so you can get to them quickly, just like old times. So it’s not about TechTV anymore – it’s about the spirit of TechTV, and making tech news and info accessible to everyone, not just us geeks!

TechTV Forever has published stories, tips, tricks, opinion, and tracked podcasts and video shows, and we’ve even managed to interview some of our favorite TechTV personalities in the meantime. We hope to continue this trend and bring more technology news and information to the willing readers of the web. We hope to keep the spirit of TechTV alive through our own work and the work of those people who made TechTV an amazing resource for information and entertainment at the same time.

Looking to contact us? Shoot phoenix an email at: halophoenix -at- gmail -dot- com!

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