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DL.TV // Episode 82

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Tuesday brings us a new episode of DL.TV, and Wednesday brings us that episode for download! On episode 82 of DL.TV, the crew takes a look at Aegis’s PhysX physics card for high performance gaming; is it worth the 300 bucks you’ll lay down to have it? Belkin’s wireless travel routers, 802.11n, and why the US gets cell phones later than everyone else also hit the hot topics this week. Additionally, the crew talks about E3 downsizing, Dell’s investigating a second report of a laptop explosion, HD on your iPod, and a bunch of viewer questions.

DL.TV Episode 82 // August 1, 2006
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Weezy and The Swish // Episode 60

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This week’s Weezy and the Swish is another notable milestone, their 60th episode! Congratulations guys!

Chrissy Haberman and Riley Newton join the crew this week for the same hilariousness that you’ve come to expect from every episode of Weezy and The Swish, and with this many blondes in the room you know the conversation at some point is going to turn to men. They also talk about Laura’s driving style, the ignorant moronity that is Mel Gibson, and the blondes turn on their best Drew Barrymore impressions. Enjoy!

Weezy and The Swish Episode 60 // August 1, 2006
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