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Lab Rats // Episode 53

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This week on Lab Rats, Andy and Sean dress in their hottest duds to head down to Microsoft’s Toronto unveiling of Windows Vista Enterprise. They chat about some of the new features, what to look forward to, when the new digs are available, and interview a bunch of heads at Microsoft about their shiny new product and what it’ll mean for the future of computing.

Lab Rats Episode 53 // December 5, 2006
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[email protected] // Episode 5

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This week on [email protected], Leo and Amber are on TalkShoe again, this time with the prodigal TechTV child himself, Kevin Rose!

Together, they chat about Digg, social media and news, Kevin reveals some details about the “iPhone,” and some other tech news this week including the end of Google Answers, getting around net censorship, and much much more.

[email protected] Episode 5 // December 5, 2006
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