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It’s official! Call for Help to air on G4TV in the USA

While an official press release is yet to come, Leo has finally given up on holding the secret back and let the beans spill in the last 5 minutes of his “Tech Guy on KFI” radio show this week and let it be known that, as suspected (and leaked on the G4 message boards) that Call for Help will begin airing on G4 Television starting August 29th at 11AM EST.

Set your Tivos and PVRs folks, this is great news! Many people had suspected it all along, but I’ve been duped by people with random internet posts too often before to fall for this one without it coming straight from the horse’s mouth. And while the attention is ramping up over this announcement, keep in mind that an official press release is still to come, so keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, this is great news, and whether you like or hate G4, it’s definitely cause to celebrate!

UPDATE :: Looks like Leo’s made the official announcement. It’s kind of sad that G4 won’t see fit to make an announcement of their own (I’m more than skeptical of G4’s motives with regard to the silent inclusion of Call for Help to their lineup, their failure to post a press release, and their choice of timeslot-it rings setup for failure to me) but Leo knows the story and knows that anyone who would be watching would be checking on the official word from him, and he’s got it. Check out the most recent post at TWIT:

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More information as it becomes available!

3 replies on “It’s official! Call for Help to air on G4TV in the USA”

Finally G4 dose something right. But it makes you think. Is G4 starting to realize they messed up? What is G4 thinking :-/ it makes you think its great there doing it and all. But why would u cancel a show and then take it back a year later. Well we will probably never know.

Come on, you’re lapsing, you should have put the showtimes for everyone to see, that’s what is expected of a blog called techtvforever.

The times are Monday-Friday: 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific
Saturday,Sunday: 6am and 7am Eastern.
also, you haven’t mentioned the other shows, Nerd Nation, Robot Wars, FFM and Wired For Sex, all returning.

Hey-I did note the showtimes; I just didn’t note the Pacific showtimes, and I figure people on the West coast are probably used to that. 😛

Also, Robot Wars and FFM were never canned, in fact their reruns were viewable on mid-afternoon weekdays all along, and Nerd Nation and Wired for Sex may have been canned, but I haven’t seen timeslot information for them yet. When I get it, you got it.

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