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New Podcast: Infected With Martin Sargent // Episodes 1 and 2

A couple of weeks ago, the Revision3 crew quietly released the first episode of a new podcast with one of our favorite TechTV personalities, Martin Sargent! I noticed there was a second episode, and I figured it’s about time to spread the word-let’s get the word out then! Infected, a podcast with Martin Sargent (along with Joey, commonly known as Joey the Intern, and The Gator) resurrects Unscrewed in fine fashion and promises to to take listeners on a guided tour of the most humorous, fascinating, cutting edge, and weirdest content on the web. (I got that from the announcement, I swear.)

Read the announcement here:
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The first episode is a laugh riot, talking about everything from Chinese astronauts, and how to make sure you don’t get carjacked. Also, the crew take us on a hilarious history of blogging, all the way back to early America!

Infected with Martin Sargent Episode 1 // November 11, 2005
[ episode notes | download ]

The second episode is another hilarious episode. Get ready for some self-flagellation while the crew makes fun of America’s technology status in the world. Get ready!

Infected with Martin Sargent Episode 2 // December 9, 2005
[ episode notes | download ]

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