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This Week In Tech [TWIT] // Episode 35

Another TWIT is in the can! This week is a special week, because the TWITs have guest host on board Steve Wozniak, of Apple fame! Your regular hosts are Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak, Kevin Rose, and Steve Gibson. The addition of Woz to this week’s cast makes for some hilarity, including Woz talking about how awesome his Prius is, and the pending Mac Mania IV cruise that he and Leo will be on in February, right after which Woz will be playing Segway Polo in the championships. The crew share much love for Protopage [ ], and discuss why on earth the music industry would be going after websites that publish lyrics of artists’ songs, and how everyone’s new webmail betas rock really hard. All this and much much more on this week’s This Week In Tech! Enjoy!

This Week In Tech [TWIT] Episode 35 // December 19, 2005
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