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Wired News’ Best/Worst/Everything of 2005

Wired News is really on top of the whole year-end list phenom. We’ve got a bunch of them this time: Wired news brings us the best and worst tech moments of 2005, the 2005 foot-in-mouth awards, 2005’s 10 sexiest geeks, (sadly, I’m not on the list, oh well, there’s next year) and the biggest discoveries of 2005, they’re all pretty interesting.

From Steve Ballmer shouting about how he’s “f***ing kill Google,” to PayPal blocking Katrina aid, from the discovery of soft-tissue from a dinosaur to the MIT $100 laptop, it was definitely quite a year in technology; full of discoveries, outraging moments, and hilarious people. I blogged all of the lists over at one of my other blogs, Pleasant Tingle [ ] , so I’ll just link them here:

[ Pleasant Tingle // Wired News 2005 Wrapup Lists ]

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