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CES: The First 24 Hours

The insiders at PC World have already managed to sneak their way into CES long before the show opens (officially on Thursday) and have wandered around to get some exclusive pictures and highlights from some of the gadgets we’ll be seeing on the display floor this year. Some of these guys look pretty cool, others….not so much. Regardless, if this is any indication, we’ll be seeing a lot of cool stuff on the showroom floor at CES 2006.

From Hello Kitty Guitars to compact media players that might give the iPod a run for it’s money, all the way to USB flash drives that use electronic paper technology, even these first few photos have me licking my chops to see what’s next. Stay posted, as more information comes along, we’ll share it with you. As for what we have now; link is below the jump.

[ PC World // CES Photo Gallery: The First 24 Hours ]

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