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The Coolest Rooms on the Planet

I really like stories like this-the geekiest homes you can imagine, and all the tech that’s under the hood making the place so awesome. Security cameras and video displays of the folks at your door, heated and cooled floors, environmentally friendly technology, and the latest in gadgets and gear to trick out your house. I wish my place were nearly this cool, and if I keep remembering ideas like these, maybe my next place will be-if I can get around the price tag!

Take a tour through some of the coolest rooms that Wired could possibly find; a decked out living room with motorized blinds and a 660-watt Yamaha audio processor for setting the mood, a kitchen with a dishwasher that’s smart enough to use the right amount of water and soap depending on how dirty the dishes are, and a bedroom with a 30-inch LCD television that rises from the bed’s footboard!

[ Wired News // The Coolest Rooms on the Planet ]

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