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CES: Hot Products from the Second Day

PC World is back, giving us more sneak peeks and hot products now that the show has officially opened and the droves of media, geeks, and technology enthusiasts are walking the floor looking for hot items and what will hopefully be the next big trends in technology and the digital lifestyle. This year’s looking good, and the products on display are definitely hot, but we have yet to see what’ll make it to store shelves and showroom floors and what will remain pipe dreams and conceptual ideas.

Alienware’s slimline PC that looks suspiciously like an Apple iMac (haven’t we been through this before with Gateway?) , even more portable media players and devices, droves of newer, smaller, digital cameras, and new ways to store and access your music, movies, and media from anywhere are all on display. PC World has full coverage of CES and specifically the second day highlights at the links below.

[ PC World // CES Photo Gallery: Hottest Products From Day 2 ]

[ PC World // CES Info Center ]

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