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The Classy Geek is a blog with weekly columns that will help you bring out the classy geek in you! Over at TCG this week…

[ Do Your Part to Help Japan ]


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Last week over at my regular technology news and commentary blog, Gears and Widgets

[ Tiny Wings is Adorable Fun ]
[ Sennheiser Offers Free Earbuds With Purchase Of HD 515 Headphones ]
[ Video :: What’s On Spock’s Scanner? ]
[ George Takei on the Japan Quake and Tsunami: Gaman ]
[ – The Big Picture :: For Discovery, A Farewell Spin ]
[ Two Hours of Fighting Game Fatalities ]
[ Twitter Adds Always-On HTTPS ]
[ The Zune is Dead ]
[ Motorola Xoom Sales “Underwhelming?” ]

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This Week in Tech [TWiT] // Episode 293

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On this week’s TWiT, Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose, Nilay Patel, Dwight Silverman and Nick Bilton all gather around to chat about the week’s biggest tech stories and news! And of course, front in everyone’s mind is AT&T’s announcement that they’re buying T-Mobile.

They also chat about magnets in the iPad 2, Google gets back to search, and more.

This Week in Tech [TWiT] // Episode 293
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