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Weezy and The Swish // Episode 41

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For the record, I think talk about snacks is incredibly riveting. Moving on.

This week on Weezy and The Swish, the crew chats in front of a live studio audience and a live chatroom audience and makes for a brilliant follow-up to a 40th episode, even though they have no special guests this week (save a pair of Ds that get routinely yelled at, much to our benefit!) Laura, Weezy, and Matt give us enough hilarity to get us through the show, even though Matt tells us in the first 5 minutes that they have no direction. I don’t know about that, sometimes no direction is the best direction! Regardless of what you think, head on over and download today’s Weezy and The Swish today!

Weezy and The Swish Episode 41 // March 20, 2006
[ episode notes and video | download mp3 ]

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