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net@nite // Episode 1

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Inside the Net is gone, and net@nite is here! Leo and Amber have officially launched the new podcast and retired Inside the Net, although those folks subscribing to feeds don’t need to update a thing. Remember, if you’d like to be a part of the show, you can head on over to the net@nite homepage to snag the Talkshoe client and get involved with the show as it happens!

On this week’s net@nite, Steve Chen, founder of YouTube, comes to the show to discuss the Google buyout, the video announcement of the YouTube sale, Google doing video revenue sharing kind of like Revver, and more on YouTube’s success and future. Additionally, Leo and Amber chat about GMail for your phone, blog widgets, the “Vloggies,” Vox, and much much more.

net@nite Episode 1 // November 8, 2006
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