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Google Releases Google Talk

Again, another validation of rumors that have been running around for quite some time now-Google is getting into the instant messaging business. The word was of course that Google was planning an IM network, and it looks like that network is finally here, in the form of Google Talk:

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Looks like Google Talk is riding on top of a Jabber network, so you can either download the Google Talk client (windows 2000/xp only at the moment) or you can use your favorite IM client to connect to the Google Talk network via Jabber. The only trick you miss there is the ability to do voice calls to other Google Talk users. That’s right, Google Talk includes the ability to place voice calls to other online members over their network, and while there is no Macintosh or Linux Google Talk client available from Google, they encourage you to use another one:

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more information available here:
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And are nice enough to include information! Google Talk works using your GMail username and password, and is available for download now. Give it a try!

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