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Firefox 1.5 Beta Released!

If you have to be on the bleeding edge of technology (like I do) then this download is for you. Keep in mind that Firefox alphas and betas are completely without end-user support, so you’ll have to do some digging to find out solutions to problems if you have them, or just go back to the last standard release, which in this case would be 1.06. Anyway, it looks like the beta’s finally made it out in the open, and after downloading it myself, I can tell you it’s a serious speed improvement, especially on Mac OS X. May not beat Safari quite yet, especially on systems with less RAM than they should have, but it’s definitely much much better and i enjoy it.

Anyway, you can download the new beta here:
[ ]

And read PCWorld’s announcement here, which covers a points I missed, namely about enhanced security, functionality, and what’s on the horizon for the Mozilla Foundation (namely Firefox 2.0!). Read all about it:
[,aid,122459,tk,dn090905X,00.asp ]

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