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Cool Download :: Taskbar Shuffle

Taskbar Shuffle, for Windows XP, is perhaps one of those tools that provides functionality for Windows XP that should have been in the operating system all along; it allows you to drag and drop buttons in the taskbar to reorder them to your liking.

Have a specific workflow going, or do you like like having your email as the first button and your web browser as the second? Well, every time you press control-alt-delete, or refresh the screen, the button order gets all mixed up and reappears at random. Taskbar Shuffle gives you a way to order them to your living and get your taskbar under control. The only caviot is that you have to disable taskbar “grouping” in the Taskbar and Start Menu properties in order for it to work properly. But once you’ve unchecked that little box and installed the app, you’re off and away!

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