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[ Dell Announces Battery Recall Program ]
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DL.TV // Episode 87

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On this week’s second episode of DL.TV, Patrick and Robert are back to wrap up the week with tech news, gadgetry, and viewer questions! On this episode, the crew takes a good long look at Dead Rising, and whether or not it’s awesome or it just plain sucks; the NSA warrantless spying programs (where the NSA wiretapped American citizens without a warrant or court order) is ruled illegal, a look at notebook locks, the $100 laptop is making its way to Thailand, getting Quicktime without iTunes, and DL.TV’s 1 year anniversary!

DL.TV Episode 87 // August 18, 2006
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Programming and Podcasts

CrankyGeeks // Episode 23

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This week on CrankyGeeks, John C is back in the driver’s seat, and he’s taking Sebastian Rupley, West Coast Editor, PC Magazine; Natali Del Conte, Writer, Ziff Davis Media; and Christopher Null, Writer, Yahoo! Tech along for the ride! This week the panel discusses the new blog of the “president” of Iran, and how it tries to push visitors running Windows and coming from Israeli IP addresses viruses. Also, new RFID passports are a reality in the US; are they safe? Additionally, the RIAA drops its pestering the family of a dead person to pay up, bad broadband providers revealed, Google giving awya free wi-fi, and much much more.

CrankyGeeks Episode 23 // August 19, 2006
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