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DL.TV // Episode 89

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With the end of the week comes another episode of DL.TV! On this episode, Patrick and Robert take a good look at ATI’s Radeon X1950 XTX, the hottest new video card in the graphics war between ATI and NVidia, and new solid-state notebook hard drives, as pricey as they may be. Will it catch on and go down in price, or is the hard drive just too ubiquitous? Also, a new Internet Explorer release candidate is available for those folks who are interested in Internet Explorer, Apple announces its own battery recall, Apple settles with Creative, and more, including a ton of viewer questions.

DL.TV Episode 89 // August 24, 2006
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Programming and Podcasts

CrankyGeeks // Episode 24

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This week on CrankyGeeks, John C Dvorak brings Sebastian Rupley, West Coast Editor, PC Magazine; Harry Fuller, Executive Editor, CNET; and Jason Chen, to the roundtable to discuss the week’s tech news. Among the cranky topics this week are the news that the Sony PlayStation 3 isn’t even in production yet, and whether or not Sony will be able to meet its promised shipping date of early next year, AOL fires its CTO among others in response to the leaking of search data for hundreds of AOL users, Apple fires workers for downloading preview copies of Leopard, Microsoft and Firefox join forces to make sure Firefox works in Vista, and much much more.

CrankyGeeks Episode 24 // August 25, 2006
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