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Welcome to TechTV Forever!

Hello world! Welcome to TechTV!

TechTV Forever is meant to embody and help preserve the spirit of TechTV on the web by providing not just information and updates on our favorite TechTV personalities and what they’re up to, but also as a clearing house for information regarding technology programming on television, technology news and commentary, downloads, gear and gadgets, tips and tricks, books, you name it! If it would have been on the TechTV we knew and loved, it’ll be here. In the future, expect great things from this site, including downloadable video and audio content, special features, and more. And of course, we’re always open to suggestions and comments, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

TechTV Forever will be working in conjunction with our sister site, TechTalk: [ ] which specializes in technology commentary, product reviews, buying guides, articles, and more. Great things will come from both of us working together, make sure to bookmark us both!

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