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The Screen Savers Return!

We’re breaking radio silence for very, very good reason here: The Screen Savers are coming back!

That’s right – the show you remember and love is coming back, with some familar and some new faces, and it’ll be called The New Screen Savers, airing weekly on TWiT – and we can imagine it being at home anywhere else.

Leo Laporte is spearheading the operation, of course, but you’ll see some more than familiar faces and names on the show, like Megan Morrone (now Megan Olsen), Mike Elgan, Jason Howell, and Father Robert Ballacer, and some other names who’ll show up as special guests and guest hosts, like original Screen Savers co-host Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Kate Botello, and many many more.

In a press release from TWiT, Leo says:

“For years people have asked me if we ever planned to create a new Screen Savers show,” said Leo Laporte, “and I’ve always said no. It was too daunting a task and I didn’t want to just copy our previous success. But after 10 years we’ve built an amazing team at TWiT and I think the time is right to create a new version of The Screen Savers, updated for a new generation and featuring the latest technology. The original Screen Savers show was all about celebrating the geek in all of us and empowering everyone to use technology for a better life. I think the world still needs to hear that message. The Screen Savers rise again!”

In addition to the announced guests, we spied a few additional names in this instagram photo snapped by Leo like Martin Sargent and Morgan Webb! You’ll also notice some familiar segments there too, like Call for Help, and a news roundup!

That’s not all – the show launches on May 2nd, and will record live every Satuday at 3pm PT, and stream live at, and be available later via podcast – you can subscribe now at!

We can’t say how excited we are to hear this news. This is going to be huge! All our thanks to the TWiT family for their awesome work, and for keeping the dream of great tech programming alive and available to more people than ever before!

Special thanks to Glenn Rubenstein for passing the news along to me!

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Putting a Lid on 10 Great Years!

TechTV Forever started about 10 years ago, born out of the disappointment and frustration that our much-loved TV network dedicated to technology had been snapped up by a TV network that, as we feared at the time and learned as it happened, was dedicated to improving its viewership numbers and reach at the cost of everything that made that network worth watching and everything those of us who enjoyed it held dear. It was a tough time, and we all came together to keep track of our favorite personalities, their activities, their new and future projects, and where they went after TechTV went off the air, and we’ve done a great job at that!

Times change though. A while back we asked you what you thought, where we should go from here, and while we know plenty of you are out there, it seems like many of you were as stumped as we are!

These days even some of our favorite podcast projects, like Tekzilla over at Revision3, are slowing down or shutting down, and it’s not for lack of tech programming on the web – TWiT is still running strong, YouTube is packed with unboxing videos, reviews, software tutorials, and more tech videos than you could ever watch – not to mention tons of old TechTV programs that have been uploaded to the web.

A number of our favorite personalities are still podcasting and still dishing out great information, like Patrick Norton over on This Week in Computer Hardware and Leo Laporte on the eponymous This Week in Tech, to name a few. Even more are doing their own things in different areas, and we support all of them wholeheartedly.

That said, it’s time for our experiment to wrap itself up. We’re putting a lid on TechTVForever (or as some of you know us, BeyondTechTV), but we’re not screwing that lid on too tightly. We’ll still be around, if there’s still big news we’ll update, and we’ll do our best to keep the links on this site up to date and pointing to the right projects, social streams, and shows that our favorite personalities are working on. And of course, as always, if you have tips and more information, leave them for us in the comments here, or anywhere on the site.

It’s been an amazing 10 years watching technology evolve and change, and watching our favorite tech reporters, enthusiasts, journalists, and fans evolve with it. Here’s to the future!

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TechTV Forever Turns 10: Where Do We Go From Here?

Just over 10 years ago, TechTV, the 24-hour technology news, reviews, and enthusiast channel that we all knew and loved, announced it was being bought by Comcast and merged with G4 – a move that we all know at this point would go down in infamy, mean the end of TechTV, the end of regular technology programming on TV, and do absolutely nothing to slow the steady and rapid decline (and now near demise) of G4.

Out of those ashes rose a number of enthusiast sites, email groups, and – most notably – podcasts and web video shows dedicated to tech programming. The network lived on for a while in Canada, Leo Laporte started the TWiT network, Revision3 was born, and we’ve seen a number of awesome shows and people come and go from the technology space. TWiT started as a regular recap of tech news, Ziff Davis ran Digital Life TV (then DL.TV) for a long time with Patrick Norton and Robert Heron, Systm was born on Revision3, we saw hilarious shows like Weezy and The Swish come and go, Morgan Webb’s WebbAlert rose and vanished at the height of its popularity, Kevin Rose’s Digg and Diggnation both exploded in popularity and then subsided, the Lab Rats answered tech questions and reviewed gear, AmberMac’s CommandN was a great, quick roundup of tech and social media news, and of course, Tekzilla turned up as the premier video tech show, and only recently ended its run.

It’s been a long 10 years, and while all of that was happening, the TechTVForever YahooGroup appeared and gave former TechTV fans a place to rally together, keep up with their favorite personalities, and help each other with tech. Out of that group, I started this blog – again, all back in 2004 – so we had a home on the web to keep track of new shows, new episodes, events in the tech world, and what our favorite personalities were up to. We’ve kept that up for the past 10 years – making sure homepages were up to date, new episodes were posted, and regularly going back over our old friends to see what they’ve been up to.

Still, while there’s sadly no substantive tech or TechTV-like prorgammning on TV, there’s more than ever before on the web. Tons of YouTube channels, blogs, and other personalities have their own podcasts, regular shows, Twitch and UStream streams, and more where they answer questions, cover the news, offer opinions, do unboxings, and more. It’s a great time to watch tech on the web, even if TV hasn’t–and probably never will-catch up. Still, that brings us to TechTVForever.

I’ve kept this site running and updated regularly with new episodes every day for 10 years. At this stage, the most active former TechTV personalities have shows on the TWiT network, and Revision3 has all but spun down any programs featuring our old friends (even though there are plenty of new shows with new friends over there.) I’m curious: Should we stay or should we go? Should we keep this up, and keep hunting for more that our old friends are up to, or should we set the sun on this project? We’ll let you guys make the call. Either way, it’s been a good run, and there’s plenty more over the horizon. We could walk you there, or let you get there on your own!

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A Curious Case of Mistaken Identity

(image above from the fine folks at Penny Arcade, from this comic in 2004. Click to enlarge!)

We break from our regular coverage of TechTV-related podcasts, personalities, and news to chat about something I think is pretty important: mistaken identity, and having your identity hijacked for the purposes of authoritative commenting on random blogs.

I posted about my experiences having my name used by at least one troll over at the ZDNet blogs over at Gears and Widgets in a post called Spinning Gears :: A Curious Case of Mistaken Identity. I’d advise everyone to head over and check it out, and let me know their thoughts.

I’m reposting this to multiple sites in my network of blogs because I use my name on all of them, and because I want everyone who may look for me on the Web to know loud and clear who I am, and that I’m not the troll they’re looking for.

So what do you think? Have you ever had your identity maligned like this? Let me know in the comments, either here or over at Gears and Widgets.

[ Gears and Widgets :: Spinning Gears: A Curious Case of Mistaken Identity ]

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Happy 5th Birthday, Revision3!

revision3 logo

As you’ve probably seen on a number of Revision3 video podcasts lately, the internet TV giant celebrated its 5th anniversary at the end of May, and celebrated last week with a massive party in San Fran with the live taping of Diggnation from last week, tricks and performances by Brian Brushwood of Scam School and stand-up by Alex Koll of ROFL!

Here’s what the Rev3 Blog had to say about it:

Five years ago, a handful of frustrated technology and video professionals surveyed the TV landscape, and were not happy with what they saw. A promising and much-loved network, TechTV, had just been emasculated by the cable equivalent of Dunder-Mifflin. Hope, however, was on the horizon, as Apple had just announced a photo-iPod, and video was on the way. New encoding techniques, coupled with broadband advances finally made it possible to actually deliver compelling video through the World Wide Web. And so these intrepid pioneers decided to start making shows the way they wanted, covering the stuff they wanted to cover. And five years ago, the first episode of SYSTM was released to the world.

From iTunes to Youtube to full-on HDTV, we’ve come a long way since then. Our roster of 20+ shows have been enjoyed by hundreds of millions of viewers, we’ve given birth to an entire industry of content that lives apart from – and is now rivaling – the same lowest-common-denomiator pablum served up by almost all traditional TV.

Even more impressive, we’ve actually changed traditional TV – and the Internet – along the way. More than one traditional show now incorporates our signature host-sponsorships, we’ve spotted shows that incorporate drinking in their narrative, and our hosts have become frequent guests on traditional TV.

And that’s the same spirit that started our blog here, and the communities that live around it and from which TechTV Forever was formed. TechTV is long long gone, and this site has likely had a longer shelf-life than TechTV ever did, but I’m glad Revision3 is still here delivering quality video programming, defining IPTV, and I’m glad we’re here to support it.

Happy 5th Birthday, Rev3!

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Happy 5th Birthday, TechTV Forever!

Happy Birthday to us! TechTV Forever is 5 years old, give or take a few days!
Our first post was on December 16th, 2004, which was a simple welcome, and our first bit of content was on December 21st, 2004!

Since then, the blog has grown, made itself more than established on the Web, collected a good number of readers by feed and by visit, interviewed some great television personalities and stars, and hopefully worked to keep the spirit of what was TechTV alive on the Web. The goal here isn’t to bring TechTV back to television screens (although admittedly we were certainly hoping for it 5 years ago), but now to help you recreate your own TechTV and all-tech all-the-time programming both in audio and video formats using all of the great technology programming out there on the Web today.

Best of all, you can do this with the same familiar faces and voices that helped you get through your technology issues, troubleshoot tech problems, and inspired you to learn more about technology years upon years ago!

We dabbled in tech articles and news, and you told us to stick to the shows, so we did – and if you’re interested in those goodies, check out Gears and Widgets, where I write regularly on tech topics, news, and other events of interest, and The Classy Geek, where I write about lifestyle and technology topics. TechTV Forever is all about keeping you up to date with the best podcasts, IPTV shows, and tech-based multimedia available.

TechTV is gone gone gone, and we’ve all moved on – and make no mistake, TechTV necromancy isn’t what we’re about at TechTV Forever – it’s about making sure good technology programming (embodied by TechTV) is always (and forever!) available to people who share our passion about it. So we’ll keep up our work, and keep bringing you the best in tech.

So in the future, we’re looking to bridge more content from other blogs like Gears and Widgets and The Classy Geek, add more podcasts to our collection and maybe broaden our horizons past people who were involved with and on the old TechTV, and of course, keep bringing you regular updates and reviews of the shows that are already out there, news from the TWiT and Revision3 camps, and more. Let us know what you’re in the mood for, and we’ll keep working to bring it all to you.

Here’s to another 5 years!

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A Note About Revision3 Autoplay Flash Videos

revision3 logo

Apparently Revision3 has configured all of their show players to automatically start the show when it loads – it’s apparently something of a hot topic of discussion and it also effects anyone embedding Revision3 shows in their blogs like I do here at TechTV Forever.

So as soon as the page finishes loading, all of the Revision3 embedded players automatically play, loading up a cacophany of audio from a dozen shows, and playing Flash video that’s likely slowing your browser to a crawl.

There are apparently discussions to stop this, but they’re thinking about only applying it to registered users who log in to the Revision3 site and play the video from the show notes page – which again won’t affect bloggers who embed the video on their own sites.

Unfortunately, I’m leaning to simply removing the player from all posts about Revision3 shows, which I really hate to do, since I think the players add valuable content to the site and make it easier for you all to watch the video! However, I don’t want TTVF to be a site you don’t want to visit because it impacts the performance of your system. While we discuss, I’ll go back and cut out the offending Flash players.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

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TechTV Forever’s Been Blogged!

TechTV Forever at Blogged

Looks like all of that hard work and perseverance has been paying off for us!

TechTV Forever has quite a name for itself, and while we’ve long moved past mourning the loss of TechTV and have boldly struck into the future of technology video and audio content on the Web, we’ve been happy to keep track of all of yours and our favorite web personalities and the things they’ve been up to.

Most of the people we knew and loved from those old TechTV days are remarkably still working together to bring you technology news, tips, tricks, and other information in a variety of venues, either through their own blogs, forums, podcasts, and IPTV shows. Podcasting wasn’t really on the map until the folks at TWiT started it, and regular video programming on the Web was all but unknown until Revision3 started up and started doing its thing!

TechTV Forever’s been happy to be there every step of the way, and hopefully we’ll stick around for a while longer!

Thanks to the folks at for their review, and we hope that they – and you – will stick around!

TechTV Forever at Blogged
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net@nite // Episode 28

net at nite logo

This week on net@nite, Amber and Leo are back with their listening public to discuss topics like green websites and how the internet can help educate people about global climate change and help them make a difference in protecting the environment.

net@nite Episode 28 // July 18, 2007
[ episode notes | audio download ]

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CommandN // Episode 92

commandn logo

This week on CommandN, Amber’s back and discussing some of the week’s hot news, including facial recognition in Google’s image search, the Microsoft Surface digital coffee table, YouTube comes to the AppleTV, and much muc more.

CommandN Episode 92 // June 13, 2007
[ episode notes and download links ]

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What’s Up With MacBreak?


A lot of you might have noticed that MacBreak has gone oddly missing from the and TechTVForever lineup. We’re confused too! MacBreak’s sub-site at stopped updating somewhere around episode 64, and while new episodes kept popping up in our iTunes subscription, we thought something might be up at the TWiT Ranch. Well, it’s still possible something is up. But never fear, the Pixel Corps are here, and they’ve been keeping up on the episodes of MacBreak through the outage at the TWiT mothership.

Head over here to get caught up on the past several episodes of MacBreak (we’re behind by about 11 now), and we’ll start keeping up starting with episode 76, which is hopfully coming soon! For show notes, download links, and other info on previous MacBreak episodes, head on over to the MacBreak sub-site at

[ MacBreak @ ]

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Branching Out: Writing More Tech Content!

Gearlog Logo

AppScout logo

If you’re looking for more technology content, I mean several posts a day of great technology news, reviews, gadgets, gear, applications, updates, and more, then I have a couple of blogs that you definitely should add to your bookmarks:

[ is a gadget blog by geeks, for geeks, with tons of gadgets and gear every day, from robot sharks to RFID protecting wallets. ]

[ is an app blog whose writers scour the web for the coolest sites, best applications, new services, and more. ]

And I’m not just plugging these two because I write for both blogs.

That’s right – if you’re a Gears and Widgets fan, you can catch several posts per day from me at AppScout and Gearlog by heading over there and looking for my name! Read lots, comment often, and enjoy!

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Happy Holidays from TechTV Forever!

Just a quick note to wish all of our readers, group members, and blog watchers a happy, safe, and joyous holiday season!

We’ll be back next week to pick up the banner again, but until then, enjoy safe and prosperous holidays, each and every one of you!


TechTV Forever

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MacBreak // Episode 19s

macbreak logo

The “s” stands for “special,” meaning “special edition,” because Leo Laporte and Alex Lindsay sit down and talk over the announcements at Apple’s September 12th “It’s Showtime” event, and discuss the new products unveiled, the new services, why Apple might not have unveiled the iPod of everyone’s dreams yet, and whether they’re going to in the near future.

MacBreak Episode 19s // September 13, 2006
[ episode notes | download ]

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GeekDrome // Episode 41

geekdrome logo

This week on GeekDrome, the crew comes back to the table to talk about Idlewild and Invincible, as well as take a peek at the trailers for Curse of the Golden Flower. Additionally, more news surrounding an 11th Star Trek movie that’s supposed to be a new take on the universe before the Original Series, comics news, and how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

GeekDrome Episode 41 // September 4, 2006
[ episode notes | download links ]

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InDigital Bytes // Episode 2

indigital logo

Another episode of Indigital Bytes is available, after a long long wait! The last Indigital anything was in March; so it’s definitely been a good long wait, and while it’s a little dissapointing that it’s only an Indigital Byte and not a full episode, something is most definitely better than nothing.

Regardless, in this episode, the crew takes a look at media center PCs, and puts the Voodoo Aria against the HP Digital Entertainment Center, and look at budget LCD displays.

InDigital Bytes Episode 2 // August 21, 2006
[ episode notes | download links ]

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Will Become the New TechTV?

Apparently it’s very possible that it might be!

Chris Pirillo floated the idea of a new TechTV a while ago, and Leo Laporte picked up on it as well shortly thereafter, and we covered it here, but it looks like Chris is making progress on the idea, and more media outlets are picking up the story as it gathers steam.

Chris’s post is here:

[ Chris Pirillo :: TechTV = UndoTV ]

but the story doesn’t end there. Chris explains in his post why UndoTV is a good name for such a new project (and I agree, it’s an excellent name) and why the time is now and what a new venture like this could bring to the table. He writes:

When I seeded the idea about letting the community help us centralize, the response was overwhelming – both from TechTV alumni and our ever-present supporters. I’m here to tell you now: it’s going to happen. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but… that’s what makes it worth doing! The most difficult hurdle has already been overcome, in my opinion: we have an audience that is NOT being served effectively.

ZDTV/TechTV brought us all together, but that brand belongs to somebody else – to a completely different time and management style. It’s not the name that’s most important – it’s what we do with that name which will prove our validity and worth. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts!

Leo agrees, and believes that the opportunity is there and the market that hungered for TechTV still exists and is waiting for the triumphant return of easily accessible technology media content. Wired News picked up the story, and it’s right here:

[ TechTV Reborn as ‘UndoTV’ ]

In the article, Leo is quoted as saying:

“TechTV burnt through almost $100 million a year trying to launch a cable channel,” Laporte wrote in an e-mail in reply to a query. “With costs like that there’s no way they could make a channel that appealed to the million or so people who really wanted it. They couldn’t survive as a niche channel, they had to make it broader, and in the attempt, killed it.

“That audience is still there, just as hungry as ever. And with production costs shrinking, cheap internet distribution, and widespread broadband, it’s possible to feed that audience for next to nothing. This is what the digital revolution is all about.”

Hear Hear.

As for the rest of us, we can sit back and wait and enjoy the ride, and help where we can. I think we’re all excited about the possibility of a rebirth of TechTV, or at least something very very similar, and with the opportunity to make it happen right there in front of us, a community willing to make it happen, and a willing audience waiting to support it, I think it’s just a matter of time.

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TechTV Forever Interviews Becky Worley; Star of Yahoo! Tech’s Hook Me Up!


It’s been a while since we last had the opportunity to talk to the wondrous Becky Worley, and we’re glad she took the time out to talk to us about her most recent work, including her new show on Yahoo! Tech, Hook Me Up! [ ] as well as her recent global travels hunting for fame, fortune, and treasure!

It’s been a while since the days of TechTV, but Becky is still definitely at it; doing gadget and gear segments for Good Morning America, travelling the world hunting treasure for the Travel Channel, working on a blog for Yahoo! Tech and working on Hook Me Up!, and staying on top of her personal life and keeping active in the community! I’m getting a little ahead of myself, and trust me, Becky lets us in on everything she’s got going on-I can’t help but wonder when she gets time to sleep!

As usual, we want to thank Becky Worley for taking the time out to sit down and talk to us about her plans and her work, and everything she’s been involved in lately; all of us at TechTV Forever appreciate her giving us the inside scoop on her activities! Again, you’ll only find this information at!


TTVF: To get started, tell us about your new show on Yahoo! Tech, “Hook Me Up.” It’s slated to be released officially on May 15th, what can viewers expect from the new show?

BECKY: Well the show has been out for a few months now and I think it’s progressing pretty well. To be honest, it took me a while to get used to the format and goals of the show.

From the TechTV days, I’m used to a step by step TV show that shows you how to perform technical tasks. If Call For Help on TechTV was a meal- it was a fun and informative meat and potatoes dinner. Hook Me Up is intentionally different: it’s more like an appetizer. The show’s blog posts and Yahoo Tech articles are the meat and potatoes. Doing a show ON the web offers an interesting opportunity: the content and step by step directions, which are best explained in text and pictures, are right there on the same screen.

Hook Me Up is intended to show people some of the options for using technology. It’s about real people and tells the human story first and the technology story second. It’s intended to pique the viewer’s interest in the possibilities that technology could bring to all our lives.

TTVF: What’s it like working on the show? It reminds me a lot of “Digital Digs,” from the old TechTV days. Any similarities there?

BECKY: Digital Digs was a massive project to bring tens of thousands of dollars in top of the line gadgets and gizmos to one viewer’s home. It was a contest where someone would win the ultimate tech makeover treatment.

Hook Me Up is different because it focuses on a specific issue or problem in a viewer’s life that can be remedied with technology i.e. a 26 year old girl who has a 27 year old TV, a single mom who’s 10 year old computer has holes in the drive bays and is missing a space bar, a musician who wants to make a demo reel so that he can audition for a gig playing the cruise ship circuit. It’s real people, real problems, with technology to the rescue.

shark worley

TTVF: So before I send in my video, what kinds of videos are you looking for? Just technically challenged people, or anyone who wants to get hooked up?

BECKY: The best videos for the show will be those that have a great story. If you have a quirky dilemma, a funny lifestyle, or a poignant problem you have a good shot at being picked. Also those that ask for TV sets are least likely to be chosen- we are inundated with TV requests.

TTVF: Yahoo! Tech is pretty new on the block, just being released to the public a few weeks ago. What’s it like working with them? Anything else cool we should be on the lookout for, or any other work you’ll be doing with them?

BECKY: Yahoo Tech is new to the block, but many of the staff members are old hats in the TV biz: The big boss is Pat Houston who I worked with at ZDTV radio and ZDTV news. He was the head cheese at CNet before he came over to Yahoo. The site manager for the show, James Hamilton was a writer and editor at TechTV. Robin Raskin, one of the advisors was a frequent guest on CFH and was the editor of Family PC and Chris Null was a big ZD guy. The site has a lot of muscle and content is becoming king at Yahoo- so wait and watch, I hope we’ll be doing lots of cool projects in the future.

TTVF: We’ve been keeping up with your segments on GMA; how is that going? What’s it like doing tech segments for an audience that large?

BECKY: Well it’s great! Every time I go on national TV someone from my past calls me to reconnect- it’s like old-home week. The actual segments are pretty much the same except I get nervous when the host is Diane Sawyer. It’s pretty weird to fly across the country, be limo’d to a studio, get your makeup and hair done all for 180 seconds of work.

Learning what content GMA likes to talk about has been an interesting learning curve, too. Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets. I squeak in a little security now and then, but it’s mostly TVs and gift stuff.

TTVF: You mentioned that you’ve been on the road a lot for work you’re doing with the Travel Channel! Fill us in on that; where have you been jetting off to?

BECKY: I have been filming a fun series called Best Places to Find Cash and Treasure and it will either debut this fall or in January.

In all of the 16 episodes I’ve gone on real treasure hunts. From diving for treasure in the Florida Keys to dynamiting for Aquamarine in North Carolina, to searching for Truffles in Oregon I’ve had some amazing adventures. I’ve found tens of thousands of dollars worth of loot and the cool thing about this show- all the adventures are open to the public. It’s been a ton of travel, I was on the road for 25 days in June for the show, so I’ve come to rely heavily on my travel gear. My ultra-light laptop, Bose noise-cancelling headphones, EVDO card and text messaging have been lifesavers.


TTVF: When last we spoke, you were working with sports4kids, a non profit that puts P.E., recess, and play back into schools were athletic programs have been cut from the cirriculum. Are you still working with them?

BECKY: I was on the road this summer during one of the fund drives I’ve helped out with in the past, so I couldn’t pitch in the way I would have liked. But Sports for Kids has a mission that really resonates with me: teach kids to play. Play is such an important tool for learning, social dynamics, and health. I think that we as grown-ups need to be better role-models and make it a point to play as much as possible: do it for the kids! 🙂

TTVF: We’ve heard disturbing reports that some schools are trying to cut recess altogether to save time; we thought it was a crazy idea (I can’t imagine how school would have been like if we didn’t have recess to look forward to!) but what do you think?

BECKY: My best friend is a PE teacher for high school kids. I went to work with her one day and was amazed to see kids studying while trying to play games during PE. Kids are so stressed about grades, tests and college that the balance we had growing up is a little out of whack. I also think that computer fans like most of us have to remember the importance of taking a break, doing something with our bodies and stepping away from the monitors.

TTVF: Any other projects or news you’d like to share with us?

BECKY: I’m hosting a tech special for the Fine Living Network that will air in November. It’s called Tech Check and should have some info on buying trends and ideas for the holidays.


TTVF: For those of us looking to get into technology or technology journalism like you have, and to make our mark reviewing products and sharing our geekiness with the public, what advice do you have?

BECKY: Well, there are a lot of passionate technologists who have started blogs and gone to great heights. I guess I would advise aspiring journalists to pick a niche, find your voice, and stick with it. It’s not the best that always succeed, it’s the hungriest. That’s definitely true in this business and your drive is the only thing you can control- keep at it.


Thanks again Becky!

Remember, you can head over to to [ ] and bookmark her blog, What’s Up Worley [ ] to keep up with Becky and see what she’s up to; and stick with TechTVForever for new and updated information on Becky’s projects as we learn about them!

Make sure you guys check out Becky Worley on her show on Yahoo! Tech, Hook Me Up! [ ], on Good Morning America talking tech, keep an eye out for Best Places to Find Cash and Treasure coming to the Travel Channel, and also check back in a few months for Becky’s special on the Fine Living channel!

All of us here at TechTV Forever wish her the best of luck with all of her new shows and projects, and look forward to seeing her on TV wherever she might appear!

Digg our story! [ here ]

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Hook Me Up! // Episode 9

hookmeup logo

This week’s Hook Me Up brings us to Becky Blanton’s doorstep, a photographer who needs a little help getting her gear from point a to point b. EMT Jon Chase and Becky Worley get down with the hookup and turn Blanton’s van into the ultimate mobile photo studio and give her the tools to stay on top of her work while she’s on the go. From a souped up cellphone to some awesome photography gear, Blanton gets a full scale makeover and keep her going!

Hook Me Up! Episode 9 // A Photo Studio Ready to Roll
[ Hook Me Up! Episode 9 | homepage | Hook Me Up! Archives ]

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Leoville Town Square Podcast // Episode 28

lts logo

This week on the Leoville Town Square Podcast, Chris sits down with Chris DiBona, host of FLOSS Weekly, Google, frequent appearances on The Screen Savers, and more, to talk about FLOSS Weekly, the legacy of The Screen Savers, open source software and the future of open source, Google checkout and new Google services, why he won’t talk about Google on TWiT, and the decline of Computer Science as a popular major on college campuses.

Leoville Town Square Podcast Episode 28 // July 4, 2006
[ episode notes | iTunes link | download ]