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A Note About Revision3 Autoplay Flash Videos

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Apparently Revision3 has configured all of their show players to automatically start the show when it loads – it’s apparently something of a hot topic of discussion and it also effects anyone embedding Revision3 shows in their blogs like I do here at TechTV Forever.

So as soon as the page finishes loading, all of the Revision3 embedded players automatically play, loading up a cacophany of audio from a dozen shows, and playing Flash video that’s likely slowing your browser to a crawl.

There are apparently discussions to stop this, but they’re thinking about only applying it to registered users who log in to the Revision3 site and play the video from the show notes page – which again won’t affect bloggers who embed the video on their own sites.

Unfortunately, I’m leaning to simply removing the player from all posts about Revision3 shows, which I really hate to do, since I think the players add valuable content to the site and make it easier for you all to watch the video! However, I don’t want TTVF to be a site you don’t want to visit because it impacts the performance of your system. While we discuss, I’ll go back and cut out the offending Flash players.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

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