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Branching Out: Writing More Tech Content!

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If you’re looking for more technology content, I mean several posts a day of great technology news, reviews, gadgets, gear, applications, updates, and more, then I have a couple of blogs that you definitely should add to your bookmarks:

[ is a gadget blog by geeks, for geeks, with tons of gadgets and gear every day, from robot sharks to RFID protecting wallets. ]

[ is an app blog whose writers scour the web for the coolest sites, best applications, new services, and more. ]

And I’m not just plugging these two because I write for both blogs.

That’s right – if you’re a Gears and Widgets fan, you can catch several posts per day from me at AppScout and Gearlog by heading over there and looking for my name! Read lots, comment often, and enjoy!

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