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Hackers, Spammers and Spies Want to Invade Holiday Computers

If you got a shiny new desktop or laptop this holiday season, you might want to make sure it’s patched up and ready before you send it out onto the net; looks like the predators are right there waiting for your brand new, unpatched and unprepared PC to come online so they can attack it, even if your first destination is Windows Update to try and grab those necessary patches to make sure you’re safe and secure online. It’s a tough situation, but it’s the reality of the cyber world in which we live. Unfortunately I have yet to really see solid reccomendations for people with new computers to make sure they’re safe and secure before they go online; not everyone is an IT professional and makes a point to grab all the recent patches and security fixes and slap them on a CD to install offline before going online to get everything else.

Regardless, being aware and being informed is the first step to being safe, so read on:

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