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Help Find and Hope For James and Kati Kim and their Family

james and his daughterskati and her daughter

I’m way behind the curve on this one, what with information and updates on the search being broadcasted on major news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and this morning even on the Weather Channel, but the cause is incredibly dear to my heart and important to all of us that I couldn’t continue to pay attention to the search without putting in a word myself.

James Kim, whose wisdom we’ve all benefitted from from his days at TechTV as well as his continuing work at CNet, set off with his wife Kati and daughters over the Thanksgiving weekend for a drive from California through Oregon, and shortly thereafter went missing. After a wide search, Kati and the girls have been found in good spirits and in good condition, but James remains missing after having left to get help, as of this writing. We’re all holding out hope that James will be found alive and well, and the search continues with the help of many many volunteers, including our own Becky Worley and the friends and family of the Kims.

If anyone reading TechTVForever has any information on the location or condition of James Kim or any information that might help the search, please contact the Oregon State Police tip line at (800) 452-7888.

More information and updates as they happen are available at [ ].

Thank you all for your help, your thoughts, and your support-I know that the Kim and Fleming families appreciate them, and we can all hope together that they’ll all be safely reunited.

update – 4:06pm EST 12-06-2006: CNN Breaking News reports:

The dead body of James Kim — who left his wife and children in a snowbound car while he went for help — has been found in the Oregon wilderness, law enforcement officials confirm.

Our hearts and prayers go out to James, Kati, and their families for their loss – it’s a loss I think we all feel.

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