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Marc Levenson’s New Show :: Tech Closeup!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of finding a very special note in my inbox, from none of ther than three-time Emmy Award winning science and technology reporter Marc Levenson, who all of us know well from our TechTV days.

On TechTV, Marc covered science, technology, and biotech topics on shows like TechLive, but his reach hardly ends there. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Marc’s reporting on NPR (National Public Radio), on CNN, and on various PBS affiliates. Among his other achievements are a Cine Golden Eagle, and several Associated Press Awards, all of which he definitely deserves.

Marc covers topics near and dear to my heart, being of a science background, but he contacted TechTV Forever not just because we’re fans, but because he, like the rest of his old TechTV colleagues, is up to some excellent things. He writes:

If you’re following us Tech TV alumni, keep an eye out for my new sci-tech series, Tech Closeup, which is being syndicated by Showplace Broadcasting in Chicago. Our website is It currently airs on cable here in the Bay area, but Showplace expects to land dozens of commercial broadcast stations in time for September of 2007. My website is

Click on the image below for a larger view of the flyer for Marc’s new show, Tech Closeup!

tech closeup mockup

You can find out more information on Tech Closeup, watch a demo reel, and find out when you can catch the show here:
[ ]

And you can read Marc’s bio here:
[ :: Bio ]

Thanks for writing Marc, and keep up the great work!

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