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New Video Show! Becky Worley Returns with Upgrade Your Life!

upgrade your life

Remember the days of Yahoo!’s technology show, Hook Me Up, and our interview with her back then? Well, she’s back with another Web video show at Yahoo! in addition to doing regular episodes of Green Tech Today on the TWiT Network!

Her new show at Yahoo! is called Upgrade Your Life!, and on the first episode she walks you through some of the best ways to get great photos from your cell phone’s camera – especially useful since we carry our cell phones everywhere and all too often use them to capture just about everything!

[ Upgrade Your Life // Episode 1 – Taking Great Cell Phone Photos ]

On the latest episode, just released this week, Becky gives us her purchase recommendations for tech this holiday season. Should you pick up a 3D HDTV, or maybe an iPhone or iPad for the holidays? What about an Android phone? All this and more in this episode!

[ Upgrade Your Life // Episode 2 – Buy Now or Wait? ]

Unfortunately it’s not like you can subscribe to the show through iTunes or your favorite podcast catcher, you’ll just have to pay attention to Yahoo!’s Upgrade Your Life site to stay on top of when new episodes are posted – or you can follow Becky Worley on Twitter – she’s mentioned when new episodes are live!

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