Revision3 Has Been Acquired by Discovery Communications!

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Congratulations to all of the folks at Revision3! Out favorite internet television network has been picked up by the fine folks at Discovery Communications, who as you know, are responsible for The Discovery Channel!

This is huge news, and while it could be both bad and good, it definitely means there’s some change in the works. Rev3, according to the announcements, is essentially staying as it is right now – all in San Fran, and all producing the content they have been for a while, but it’s certain that eventually some Rev3 programming will make its way to Discovery and vice versa, both of which are fantastic things.

It’s definitely a big event, and it’s going to mean big change – and we can’t think of two better networks to hook up with one another than these two.

You can read more about the news over at AllThingsD, at the link below:

[ Discovery Gets a Web Video Arm, Courtesy of Revision3 ]

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