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X-Play X-Day Schedule

Posted by Alan Henry on December 31st, 2004

If you haven’t seen the commercials, just know it’s safe to turn your TV to G4TTV on New Years Day, especially if you’re a fan of XPlay; they’ll be showing selected episodes of X-Play all day long. They go back to some of the best themed shows of the year, and they’re pretty good ones, […]

Evan (samureye) Interviews Joey “The Intern” from Unscrewed!

Posted by Alan Henry on December 30th, 2004

A hilarious session, no doubt. Evan (samureye), a member of the Long Live TechTV YahooGroup and tech writer in his own regard, had the opportunity to interview Joey “The Intern,” formerly of Unscrewed fame, which was recently canned by G4 management for reasons they leave vauge and see fit to let the fan community wonder […]

Becky Worley & Roger Chang On KMAX’s Good Day Sacramento

Posted by Alan Henry on December 28th, 2004

Two people we desperately miss after The Fall are definitely Becky Worley and Roger Chang; and when we got word on the Long Live TechTV YahooGroup that the two of them would be making an appearance on Sacramento’s KMAX program “Good Day Sacramento,” we were thrilled! The program aired on Dec. 26th, and in Becky […]

Barriers to Free Wi-Fi

Posted by Alan Henry on December 28th, 2004

PCWorld’s columnist, Anush Yegyazarian, brings us an insightful look at the give and take involving cities and municipalities that are trying to establish free, city-wide wi-fi internet access and the telecomm companies and business groups on the other side of the argument that, fearing for their lives in the face of free government wi-fi, are […]

Quickie: Morgan Webb

Posted by Alan Henry on December 28th, 2004

The X-Play site was recently updated with a quick interview with everyone’s favorite gamer girl and co-host of X-Play (and of course, those of us who really know our stuff remember her from her blonde days on The Screen Savers), Morgan Webb! It’s not much to get excited about, just a quick Q and A […]

Your Blog or Mine?

Posted by Alan Henry on December 27th, 2004

A beautiful (albeit long) article in the New York Times about blogging and it’s effect on dating, relationships, social networks, and the lives of bloggers came to the rescue of this morning’s doldrums of reading about politics. The piece follows the cause and effect of blogging about relationships, how blogging has impacted several peoples’ lives. […]

The PDA, an Endangered Species

Posted by Alan Henry on December 27th, 2004

Many people have been sounding the death toll for the PDA for years now, claiming that they’ll be soon replaced by more versatile devices like smartphones and Blackberries that can stay online all the time, allow users to snag their email wirelessly, browse the web from anywhere using a cellular network, and talk on the […]

Hackers, Spammers and Spies Want to Invade Holiday Computers

Posted by Alan Henry on December 27th, 2004

If you got a shiny new desktop or laptop this holiday season, you might want to make sure it’s patched up and ready before you send it out onto the net; looks like the predators are right there waiting for your brand new, unpatched and unprepared PC to come online so they can attack it, […]

Broadband usage jumps 38%

Posted by Alan Henry on December 27th, 2004

Looks like more and more people are switching to broadband, and rightfully so. When I made the switch to broadband, I couldn’t imagine going back to dialup for anything-the difference between using dialup for even things as menial as retrieving email versus broadband were enormous and amazing; and this was before I started doing things […]

David Pogue Blogs about Firefox in today’s NY Times

Posted by Alan Henry on December 27th, 2004

In a Christmas Eve blog post, David Pouge sings the praises of Firefox, especially in the wake of yet another Internet Explorer vulnerability being found; this time related to exactly how easy it is for phishers to falsify web address information when a user is using IE. His suggestion for keeping safe and secure on […]

The Screen Savers Schedule // 12/27 – 1/2

Posted by Alan Henry on December 26th, 2004

Happy Holidays everyone! From the TechTV Forever crew to you! // TSS Will Return On Thurs. 1/6 & Fir 1/7 Next Week Mon 12/27/2004 Homebrewing Dark Tips, House, LAN Party — 12/16/2004 Show Tues. 12/28/2004 Tony Pierce, Alan Tudyk, Slashdot Killers — 12/13/2004 Show Wed. 12/29/2004 Zap-N-Trash, Overclocked Scrubber, DVD Tuesday — 12/14/2004 Show Thurs. […]

Fuel-Cell Vehicles Close the Gap

Posted by Alan Henry on December 23rd, 2004

As much as politicians talk big about wanting to preserve the environment and promote newer, less oil-reliant energy technologies, it looks like fuel-cells might actually be taking hold as a new automobile technology. It looks promising to those of us tired of paying high prices for gasoline or watching the money fly out of our […]

Windows Tip: Using the System Info Tool to Track System Changes

Posted by Alan Henry on December 23rd, 2004

This tip was kindly posted by Jean, a member of the TechTV Forever and Long Live TechTV Yahoogroups! It’s a really good one, and anyone who’s done any IT work knows that sometimes the tipoff to what caused a specific problem or system failure has everything to do with what’s changed on the system recently. […]

‘PocketSurfer’ Delivers Wireless Web Faster

Posted by Alan Henry on December 22nd, 2004

Now this is pretty cool. A web surfing wireless device designed specifically for, well, web surfing. I could see this device getting popular easily, as people would love to check webmail or read their favorite websites on the go, and would prefer that those sites actually look something like the sites they’re used to seeing. […]

ScreenSavers Desktops

Posted by Alan Henry on December 22nd, 2004

I know, I know, we all miss the old cast and crew of The Screen Savers, but now you can have them on your desktop! This one was passed along by a member of the Long Live TechTV Yahoogroup a while ago, and it’s only fitting to share! Now you can have Pat, Leo, Sarah, […]

Time-Saving Tips for Traveling With Techno-Gear

Posted by Alan Henry on December 22nd, 2004

Before you head out for the holiday and make the trek to visit friends or family, check out PCWorld’s tips on how to make it through airport and train security checkpoints with all the neat toys you know you’ll need while you’re away (or that you want to show off to your family and friends) […]

The Screen Savers Schedule // 12/20 – 12/26

Posted by Alan Henry on December 20th, 2004

Mon. 12/20/04 Giant Robot, Gen Con, Dishwalla, Freaks and Geeks — 12/9/2004 Show Tues. 12/21/04 Charity PC Race, The Sun — 12/10/2004 Show Wed. 12/22/04 Giant Robot, Gen Con, Dishwalla, Freaks and Geeks — 12/9/2004 Show Thurs. 12/23/04 Charity PC Race, The Sun — 12/10/2004 Show Fri. 12/24/04 Joe Bauer, SeaScooter. Free Voicemail […]

Hollywood Wants BitTorrent Dead

Posted by Alan Henry on December 20th, 2004

But it obviously won’t be that easy. BitTorrent, the all-the-rage peer-to-peer file sharing technology is completely decentralized, and even harder to crack down on than more popularly targeted networks like KaZaA and Grokster. Hollywood is tired of people sharing movies, both new and old, and is following the music industry’s example by crying that such […]

Apple Locks Out RealNetworks and Real Fires Back

Posted by Alan Henry on December 20th, 2004

Looks like they’re at it again. A couple of months ago, Real and Apple traded blows when Harmony, RealNetworks’ digital rights management technology essentially allowed their music to be protected as well as played on iPods, a tactic that Apple took offense to. Well, “take offense” is putting it lightly, Apple accused Real of “hacking” […]

Cool Download: Wallpaper Master

Posted by Alan Henry on December 20th, 2004

If you’re like me, you have way too many images that you’d love to make your wallpaper, but only one (or in my case, a few) screens to decorate with them. There are lots of wallpaper management applications out there, but Wallpaper Master seems to encompass the features of several of them. Wallpaper master will […]